Sixt Car Hire Deals in Mexico

Sixt car hire deals in Mexico help you enjoy your business or leisure trip to this fascinating country. Choose from a wide range of premium rental cars backed up with affordable prices and superb customer service. Our options for car rental in Mexico range from economical saloons to more luxurious models so whatever your budget or needs we have something to suit in our extensive fleet. Read on for some travel and driving tips designed to enhance your Mexican visit.

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Our most popular locations in Mexico

Sixt car rental Mexico

We have over fifty car rental in Mexico locations. These can be found at international airports and in major cities as well as at train stations and hotels so wherever your trip starts it is easy to collect your rental vehicle. Our booking systems are straightforward and if your plans change, cancellations are very often free of charge. Take a look at the map above to see some of the main cities and tourist attractions to visit when you rent a car in Mexico.

Sixt car rental Mexico
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Our Service

Our Service

When you rent a car in Mexico it is supplied by trusted brands such as Jaguar, BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. To choose a rental car with automatic transmission as well as to select child seats and arrange one-way car rentals, visit our Sixt bookings page. Here you can also select various other options from our range of attractive extras.

Which car hire in Mexico is right for me?

  • Navigate narrow city streets in compact vehicles.
  • Enjoy weekend breaks or motorway driving in comfortable saloons.
  • Five people and their luggage fit easily into estates and 4x4s.
  • Explore the countryside in luxury with sports cars and convertibles.
  • If carrying exhibition or business materials select a van.

Driver's licence

Mexico accepts all international driving licences. If they are in a non-Roman alphabet like Arabic, Cyrillic or Chinese they must be accompanied by an International Driver's Permit (IDP) obtained in the UK from local Post Offices or online. ID such as a passport must also be presented.

Age Restrictions

The minimum age to drive a Sixt car hire in Mexico is 21 and drivers must have held a full licence for at least two years. Surcharges apply for those under 25, for full details visit the booking engine.

Credit Card Payment

Payment for our car hire deals in Mexico can be made by credit card or AirPlus. All major credit cards can be used but prepaid or debit cards such as VISA Electron are not accepted. The payment method must be in the driver's name and presented at vehicle collection.


Should you have any problems or an accident with your car hire in Mexico contact our hotline on +52-72-21991144. Mexico uses the international emergency number 911.

Driving Tips

Driving Tips

For the best roads and surfaces be prepared to pay tolls. Depending on your area of travel you might encounter army or police checkpoints, especially near the border with Guatemala or the United States. Be prepared to come across animals on roads ranging from cattle and dogs to goats or donkeys. A Sat Nav will be useful in larger towns such as Mexico City.

More tips for enjoyable driving in Mexico:

  • Drive on the right.
  • Kilometres are used for distances and speed limits.
  • Speeding is taken seriously in Mexico and speed bumps are common.
  • Tolls need to be paid in local currency. Credit cards are rarely accepted.
  • There are no legal requirements for child seats in Mexico but we recommend they are used as in the UK.
  • Paid parking is widely signposted in major cities. Away from main towns parking is generally unregulated and parking fines rarely issued.
  • If you damage a rental vehicle by leaving paved surfaces you are responsible for any repair costs.

Speed limits in Mexico

  • Residential areas: 40 km/h
  • National roads: 80 km/h
  • Motorways: 110 km/h

Traffic Infractions and on-the-spot fines:

Mexican police can issue on-the-spot fines for driving offences. It is illegal for police to ask for the fines in cash without issuing a ticket but this does happen.

Despite a relaxed attitude to driving regulations and fine enforcement, driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol is taken extremely seriously and may result in imprisonment. Foreigners with a drink driving conviction in the previous ten years may be refused entry to Mexico.

Places of Interest

Places of Interest

Top 4 architectural sites

  • The Museo Soumaya, Mexico City
  • Palenque, Chiapas
  • Las Pozas of Xilitla, San Luis Potosi
  • Church of Santa Prisca, Taxco

The glittering exterior of the Museo Soumaya contains works of art and artefacts going back over 30 centuries. At Palenque in Chiapas, you can delve into the mysterious world and culture of the Mayans as well as enjoy the beautiful Lacandona Jungle. Las Pozos of Xilitla is a surrealist sculpture park created by the eccentric British poet and artist Edward James. With its fortress-like outline, the 18th-century Church of Santa Prisca at Taxco dominates the landscape.

Top 4 Natural Sites

  • El Arco of Cabo San Lucas
  • Cenote Ik-Kil, Yucatan
  • Popocatepetl Volcano in Puebla State
  • El Tule in the Valley of Tlacolula, Oaxaca

El Arco or the Arch of Cabo San Luis is a graceful rock arch that marks the point where the Gulf of California meets the Pacific Ocean. The area is a popular breeding spot for seals. The natural underground reservoir of Cenote Ik-Kil is the perfect spot for some wild swimming. Combine it with a visit to the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza. Admire the Earth's power at Popocatepetl Volcano, one of the most active in the country. Located in a churchyard in Santa María del Tule is a Montezuma Cypress, said to be the world's largest tree.

Important Film locations

New waterfront studios were built at Playas de Rosarito for the filming of the epic romance-disaster film Titanic (1997). The set saw a reconstruction of the ship in a huge horizon tank. The 2002 film Frida about the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo used several locations including Mexico City, Barrio del Alto and Teotihuacan. Also using Teotihuacan was the surreal fantasy The Holy Mountain filmed in 1973. The director Alejandro Jodorowsky also used the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza.

Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders

Taking your Sixt car across the US border is possible with permission but no Southern border crossings are allowed, find full details on our Rental Information page. Crossing borders without permission will invalidate any insurance.



Julio O.

Excellent professional and friendly service by Lic. Leonardo and his team. I rented twice during my stay in Cancun. Cars very clean & new.

Dennis C.

Good experience renting here with Vicky and Maria. They do not have shuttle service to the rental, but can drop you off at the airport when departing. Be aware the rental do require deposit between $500 to $1000 us dollars depending on the insurance you buy. I found out that to be the norm when renting in Mexico. Expedia rental already included liability insurance and I wasn't pushed to purchase extra insurance, which was nice. I will definitely rent from Sixt again.

Ralf S.

Very nice service! The vehicle was brought to the hotel and the return was very uncomplicated. The shuttle to the airport was free and available immediately! the car was in very good condition and easily took us 2500 km through the Yucatan!

Katherine W.

First let me begin by saying I am a seasoned renter of cars in Cancun, and I will continue to be. Until I found Sixt, I DREADED renting. Every place it's the same thing. Get a quote, arrive for your car, and get hit with ridiculous additions for the cost of third party insurance (which is mandatory in the state). I know that if you can prove that you have full coverage with your credit card then you can be exempt from this BUT... you need a letter in your name, from the credit card company, confirming this coverage. Bringing the card evidence of insurance form and showing the actual card you're using, is often refused. Even when you can manage to get them to accept the coverage with the card (with the letter) they come up with other bogus costs. I've had "licensing fee", "state travel fee", and just plain old "mandatory fee". The issue is that they always seem to have some random and vague clause that supports this bogus fee and you end up paying it, just to get out of the place. This whole process can take over two hours. Some places are so dishonest (Hertz) that they simply make up charges that you only discover once you get back and pay the bill, when suddenly, the cost has ballooned from the $400 for two weeks they promised when you signed, to $1100!! They are so very slick that you willingly sign while they're telling you there are no other charges.


Enter SIXT. I booked on their website - - and got the car I wanted for a very reasonable price, and with the third party insurance included. When I arrived, there was no haggling or pressure. They asked if I wanted other coverage, I said no, they said okay! The car was a little worn but it worked great, they marked down all the little dents or scratches and they sent me on my way. It was an absolute dream. I'm SO mad I've spent all these years dealing with other agencies hoping that someone would be honest.


Hopefully I can help direct people their way. Your vacation will start and end so much better.

Luis Q.

5 stars because they will not force you purchase the collision damage waiver in order to be able to rent the vehicle. My own credit card already covers the rental vehicle. Their reasonable rates already include limited third-party liability. We found a Sixt Agent upon exiting the airport but they will contact you first via WhatsApp so that you can tell them when to pick you up. Just so you know, there’s construction right outside their location so allow yourself sufficient time when returning the vehicle. Customer service was fast and courteous. Last but not least, spend at least 5 minutes to take a video of the entire vehicle 🚗, and make sure the spare tire is there. No rental car companies accept debit cards, by the way.

jason w.

Great place to rent from need to upgrade for online use check in and pick up

Joe V.

I ended up cancelling my trip and they were fairly easy to work with.

Josef P.

Everything went smooth for me. Agent that checked me in was professional and spoke English. Got the car reasonably fast, return was easy too (I was 15min late to return: no problem). Got charged exactly the amount as agreed on. Shuttle from airport went well too, I just called them when I arrived. Now it is true that they write down every little scratch when you take out the car, this might be irritating when you are used to renting car in US. But this seems to be standard in Mexico. I also thought it was a bit pricey, basically prices as in US, but it was also high tourist season. Would rent with them again.

Richard H.

Efficient and courteous service.

Y (.

Sixt car rental has good communication prior to your arrival at airport, also when landing at the airport I got a WhatsApp message on where to meet for shuttle.


Rental car was OK, pickup and drop off of the rental was a breeze.

Tracii S.

Had a great experience in the end. Clean car, just needed it for 2 days to go shopping. Deposit is a little expensive but I was fully refunded just as they said I would be. Thank you ladies.

Niels t.

Renting a car here was a breeze. No surprises with insurance etc. as Sixt has all the options listed on its website. Good communication over whatsapp prior to landing. Retrieving and dropping off the car was very swift as well and the employees were very friendly! Would rent here again!

Vanessa M.

Best online rate including the third party liability insurance, which is required in Mexico. Excellent communication upon arrival (whats app) for pick up at airport. Car was in good condition. Staff was courteous and explained everything clearly. Was presented with quotes with extra insurance and with just the required one. No issues at all when I declined additional/optional insurance. Credit card hold as expected and was released within 24hrs. I will definitely rent again at Sixt next time I visit Cancun.

Kristen E.

Make sure you book directly through Sixt’s website (avoid all 3rd party sites like Orbitz).


We learned our lesson earlier in the day when we booked at another rental car spot through Orbitz & they tripled the initial price. Thankfully Sixt saved the day, we booked online through their website, they were prompt to pick us up, kept to the online agreement (which was a better price than our original through Orbitz) & were quick in getting us a car.

They also were very thorough in checking the car before & after pickup with no hidden fees.

Adam C.

Very good car rental, well-kept car, pleasant and competent service, transport from and to the airport very efficient, the lady who was the manager was extremely empathetic !!!

Adam Chelmonski


Easy to rent a car. No line. Called for shuttle to pick up at airport as rental cars are across the street but too far to walk. Great rates and mandatory Mexican insurance included in price.

Lewis W.

We were skeptical with renting a car in Cancun. Sixt had good rates–they were not as low as Fox, but they were reasonable and high enough where it was not "too good to be true." We had insurance through our AllState policy and AMEX credit card. We declined all insurance. They didn't push any insurance on us but they did place a 42,000 peso ($2,000+ USD) hold for damages. From what I've heard, this is normal for Mexico. National does this, and we received the entirety of our deposit back at the end. SIXT put us in a Volkswagen Vento. It was nice and $19 USD a day. The car was not spotless when we returned it. I cleaned it out a tiny bit but they were ok with the dirt and light sand. Note that you have to call for the shuttle or communicate via Whatsapp (as a courtesy they'll reach out to you the day before).The SIXT airport shuttle was prompt picking us up from CUN T3 (15 mins after we got our bags), however it took 30 minutes for us to be dropped off for our flight home. Leave additional time for the shuttle. Take lots of photos of your rental car – interior and exterior, before and after. Pay for gas in pesos when @the PEMEX stations. Our SIXT clerk/rental associate gave us a great tip for counting out the cash when paying the clerk at the pump, "I am handing you 200, 400, 600, 800, etc.." We will rent from SIXT again, thank you!

Berg F.

We rented a car from Sixt for 8 days in Puerto Vallarta. Overall the experience more than met my expectations and I would happily rent from them again. I would note that having fair expectations is important. This is a holiday town in Mexico, and Sixt tend to be one of the cheaper providers, so don’t expect someone waiting with your name at the airport exit. Clear instructions are provided on where to meet, and if you have some patience, it will work out. I chose to walk across the bridge to the car depot myself. It is less than a 10 minute walk from the terminal, and as the pickup car was not there when I arrived, it seemed easier. To be fair to Sixt my flight was delayed, so had the flight been on time they likely would have been there.

The rental process was very standard. I chose to purchase the rental through as the insurance was cheaper, although the car itself was more expensive than directly with Sixt. Check your insurance policy. Mine did not cover Mexico, so for me it was worth getting the insurance. If your policy covers Mexico, you might as well go directly through Sixt. Bear in mind roads are not always great, parking spaces are small, roads are narrow and curbs are high. Insurance is something worth thinking about. There was no pressure at rental to get add-ons or insurance, which made the check out fairly quick. We rented a Chevo Aveo, which is a very modest sized car, but was fine for our needs.The car was clean inside and out when we got it and had no issues whatsoever. Again, roads are narrow, parking spaces can be tight. Driving some hulking great SUV is not likely going to make your vacation any more enjoyable here. The car was able to carry 4 of us and our baggage. The only potential gotcha is the aircon was only just keeping up with 4 of us in the car. It was fine, but the temperature outside was only 28-29. Add in another couple degrees and a car with a stronger aircon might be worth thinking about. Driving is fairly relaxed and as long as you are assertive when you need to be and go with the flow, did not present any challenges other than turning left on the main thoroughfare. This was the first time I’ve had to do the move right to turn left trick, but as long as you are aware and go with the flow, it is easy. For parking I would generally used the paid parking. There is limited street parking in and around Puerto Vallarta, so it is worth the 50 peso or so to use the downtown parkade. Some hotels have free parking, others charge. Ours did not , but check ahead. We also stayed in Bucerias, which was easy for street parking.

Returning the car was also easy. We returned it a little more dusty than we got it with a sprinkling of sand inside, but there were no issues and the final charge was exactly what I originally booked. The expectation was a full tank, fill up is mostly full service in Puerto Vallarta, so this is easy to get done. From the rental location we were given a ride to the airport departures, which took less than 10 minutes. Overall recommended and I will rent from them again.

Jon L.

Great experience with Sixt. The nice thing about them was that the third party liability insurance was included in the rate I booked at. They asked if I wanted to purchase additional insurance. When I said no they did not push the issue and did not try to upsell. There was no wait at the counter. Wait for the shuttle was also minimal.


Only negative is that the car was not new and it showed. Car had 55,000+ miles on it but I had no issues with it. They will take a large deposit on your card but you will get it back.

Peter B.

Highly recommended! If you're looking to rent a car in Nuevo Laredo, come here to Sixt (1203 Benito Juárez Av.), the staff are friendly, professional, and accommodating The prices are reasonable, and they have a nice selection of cars. I rented an economy car, a Chev Aveo. It was very clean, in great shape, drove really smooth, really strong a.c., and great on gas. I drove from Nuevo Laredo to Monterrey and back on one tank of gas, basically. The car drove great, no issues. I had a nice trip. I didn't pay extra for the mileage; I used around 400 kilometres, which was included in the rental price.


This company has been in Nuevo Laredo for many years and offers quality service at competitive rates. It's great if you're just walking across the border into Nuevo Laredo; it's a 10-minute walk from the border. Just book a few days ahead (call number shown on Google, English is a bit limited, so try speaking Spanish, or use Google Translate in conjunction with WhatsApp). I got lucky when I walked in without a reservation. They use WhatsApp too, which is great to keep in contact with them in case of issue on road or running late. When renting, they'll authorize a specific amount on your credit card as a security deposit, they don't take that money, the authorization will expire once the car is returned. They'll charge you the rental cost once you return the vehicle. Keep in mind that they charge a late fee if returning car after the 24-hour rental time, basically up to the cost of another 24-hours (another day's rental cost). It's still very reasonably priced. They're not unreasonable, and they actually gave me a discount when I returned it late.


Overall, it was a great car rental experience; it was easy, fast, and very welcoming. I'll definitely rent from them again. THANKS! Peter B.

Why Rent With Sixt?

Why Rent With Sixt?
  • New Cars - On Average 3 Months Old
  • Vast Fleet Of Premium Cars
  • Car Hire Made Quick And Easy
  • Friendly 24/7 Customer Service
  • Free Cancellation When You Pay On Arrival
  • No hidden costs or credit card fees

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